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Virginia Country Wedding PhotographyOur friends Samantha and Kevin were recently married and I was honored to do their formals and reception photos.  They're a great couple and wish them a long life together.

Just the fact that Samantha was wearing cowgirl boots kind of let you know the tone that was set for the creative direction.  We shot outdoors on the porch of their log cabin and around a couple of nearby barns.

Kevin has probably the easiest smile of anyone I've photographed.  Where many people get a stressed smile anytime a camera is within 100 yards of them, these two were genuinely happy and easy going right out the gate.

The weather cooperated - the day of our session was smack dab between a string of heavy rains and very cold weather, but we had 68 degrees and partly cloudy, making for some of the best ambient light available.  I added a simple 43" softbox with a single strobe to provide lighting.  It's big enough to shoot full length shots like the one here, and still is super-portable so we were able to tote it around the barns easy enough.  Thankfully it's also sturdy enough to survive being dropped or knocked over by the wind, since I didn't have my sandbags with me ;-)


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