Engagement Sessions

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You’ve seen the wedding blogs, the bridal magazines, the professional looking shots on Facebook of your engaged friends laughing and kissing each other with the sun setting behind them. It’s officially called engagement photography, but essentially it’s a just a chance for me to capture two people in love who want to share it with the world, or even just between themselves. More than that, it might just be your first chance to work with a professional photographer.

Your session will last between 1 and 2 hours and takes place at a location of your choice. It's best to keep with one location to save time on travelling that takes away from capturing great moments.

Wear something fun, and maybe even think about a theme. Bring a couple of changes of clothes so we can get different looks and different types of shots. Props are always fun too, if there's something that shows off your individual personalities or reminds you of a special moment with each other bring it along. Be sure to plan some time when you book your session for us to discuss what you are looking for and what might make your photo session stand out from the rest.

Call today to book your session.