Morningstar Dance Class

Morningstar Dance Class Rehearsal

Hey everyone!

I had a blast shooting the portraits and group shots for everyone at the rehersal.  I think you'll like the results.  I've picked out the best one or two from each pose.  While the importance of the venue probably is lost on the girls right now, in a few years having portraits on the steps of an actual Carnegie Hall will be a memory to treasure.

We've attached special, seriously discounted pricing to the photos to ensure that everyone has no excuse to not get at least one image of their child.  As a parent I've always hated when school photos come around and you feel obligated to spend that much money on an annual photo.  And of course those school or team photos never measure up to my standards.  I didn't do this for the money, as you'll no doubt notice when you look at the pricing.  My typical customer spends between $300 and $400 on prints.

When you order it will send me a notice giving me a chance to verify any cropping of the images before it goes to my print lab.  Turnaround time on the prints is ususally less than a week including time for me to approve the orders.  The photos will be shipped directly to you from my lab.

I've also done something I never do - I enabled Facebook sharing for the images so you can share individual images on your Facebook pages.  Just look for the share icon in the bottom right when viewing a picture.

And please, keep me in mind when you're thinking of family photos or annual portraits for the kids.  Just don't expect these seriously discounted "my daughters are in the class" prices. :-)

Thanks again, and click below to see the photos!

Morningstar Dance Class Rehearsal